Commonsense Academic Excellence For All Students

Why I am running...

Our School District has been B-rated for far too long. My mission is simple: propel us to become and remain an A-rated School District.  

My Vision For Our Schools

I believe that our schools have been failing too many students by not providing them with basic life skills and those necessary for continuous, life-long learning.  Whether a student chooses a path that leads to a trade, vocation, higher education or military service, we owe them the best opportunity to excel.  We must provide our teachers with the resources and environment to allow them to do their job effectively without distractions.  And I believe that parents and taxpayers have far too long been denied the benefits of an “A” rated school system. 

I am committed to creating an environment that builds academic excellence, accountability, and the virtues that unite us all.  We must focus on reading, math, science, and the arts leading Manatee County to an A-rated School District.  We must avoid any divisiveness that distracts us from achieving this goal.   


My Priorities

Focus On The Fundamentals

Close to 50% of the students in the district cannot read or do Math at grade level. Our district has been stuck in a “B” rating since 2016 with little improvement shown in English Language Arts (ELA). Math performance is also lagging. We must fix this.

Reform Curriculum Policy

What our kids are being taught should be determined by parents and teachers and not solely by the Florida Department of Education. We should exercise local control over as much of the curriculum as possible, consistent with the objective of improved student success.

Enhance Financial Insight

We need to do more than just provide financial oversight. We need to find innovative ways to ensure every budget item, dictated by law, is being used efficiently and provides a maximum return on academic investment, as measured by our student success. Spend smarter.

My Value Proposition

Full Time Dedication To The Role

Unlike others, I am not encumbered by other employment so I can devote all of my efforts towards performing duties as School Board member.

100% Focus On Our Schools

I do not harbor further political ambitions. I want to give back to the community and leave the school system in a better state than which I found it.

Business Transformation Skills

I am anxious to apply the principles learned over a lifetime in improving large and complex enterprises similar is size to the Manatee County school system.

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Let's make Manatee County an A-rated School District!

Important Dates To Remember

• Request for Vote By Mail Ballot mailing by SOE: Now
• Vote By Mail Ballot mailing:  Now
• Early Voting start date:  Saturday, August 10, 2024
• Primary Election date:  Tuesday, August 20, 2024

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We WILL do better... together!